DIY Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Do you ever get streaking, oil residue foot prints on the Laminate floor from mopping and traffic?

A Natural Cleaner can be effective, safe for the family and environment. This cleaner can be used on nonporous surfaces. Always test on an inconspicuous area prior to use

  • Ingredients:

    ·        Water = ~ 31-32% v/v

    ·        Salt Blend (Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate) = up to 1% v/v

    ·        Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) 180 proof = 29% v/v

    ·        Natural Liquid Soap = 1-2%

    ·        Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) Solution = 1% v/v

    ·        Guar Gum = < 0.10% v/v

    ·        Essential Oils = < 0.10% v/v

    ·        Aloe = <0.10%, if desired

    Add essentials for scent or additional cleaning properties; such as: Orange Oil and Lemon Oil. Essential Oils may damage surfaces if not properly mixed into the solution.


    1.    Mix the Water and Salt blend until dissolved

    ·        The salts are natural preservatives, but also provide additional cleansing properties to you cleanser.

    2.    Add Liquid Soap

    ·        Please refer to How I make liquid Soap for my recipe.

    ·        High Sheer mix until uniform.

    3.    Add Guar Gum

    ·        High Sheer Mix until uniform

    4.    Add Aloe, if desired

    ·        I use dehydrated Aloe and mix with a High Sheer mixture

    5.    Add Essential Oil

    ·        I add the Essential Oils to create a homogenous mixture. The guar gum works as an emulsifier to bind the essential oils in the solution.

    6.    Add Ethanol

    7.    Add Hydrogen Peroxide

    ·        Always were gloves when using this product.


    Directions of Use:

    Test on an inconspicuous part of your floor to ensure that it doesn't discolor the floor.


    ·         Dilute 1/2cup of  cleaner in 1 gallon of warm water

    ·         Clean with well wrung-out mop. No rinsing required

    ·         Dry/Wipe clean with a microfiber mop

    Other Surfaces

    ·         Use undiluted. Pour or Spray onto a sponge or cloth and wipe