We Use Only Homemade, Completely Safe, All Natural Cleaning Products.

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House Cleaning's occur every week. You may request the same cleaner for every appointment, and we'll do our best to send them every time!
House Cleaning's occur every 2 weeks. You may request the same cleaner for every appointment, and we'll do our best to send them every time!
House Cleaning's occur every 4 weeks. You may request the same cleaner for every appointment, and we'll do our best to send them every time!
This One-Time cleaning service is ideal if you've gone several weeks or months without having your home professionally cleaned.

Residential Cleaning

A Natural Cleaning Company can help you through all stages of living in your home

  • Move In – During the excitement and stress of purchasing a residence, walk into a spotless naturally clean home with your preferred scent.
  • Move Out – Eliminate one less worry during moving and allow A Natural Cleaning Company to remove this arduous task
  • Staging – Selling a home is a stressful time, let A Natural Cleaning Company maintain a natural clean home for your potential buyers to see
  • Maintaining – Maintaining a clean home is a laborious and takes time you may want to spend elsewhere. A Natural Cleaning Company will come in and help you maintain a naturally clean home
  • After Parties – Hosting a party can be enjoyable and exhausting. After the party has ended do you want some help cleaning up and organizing? Wake up to a clean home, call A Natural Cleaning Company
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Commercial Cleaning

A Natural Cleaning Company will clean and maintain your commercial site naturally. We know that you spend a substantial amount of time at the office and a clean work environment that has a relaxing aroma may reduce stress. A Natural Cleaning Company delivers a natural, safe, specialized, thorough cleaning. We use basic chemistry, that is extracted from the ecosystem and create effective natural cleaners. The chemistry that is utilized is safe, nontoxic to you and your environment.

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Transition Coaching

A Natural Cleaning Company differs from other cleaning companies. We offer clients training on best cleaning practices using natural cleaning chemistry. For those clients that want to learn how to clean naturally, A Natural Cleaning Company representative can show and demonstrate how to clean and what chemistry to use.

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chemical free

Chemical Free Lifestyle

safe for kids and pets

Safe For Kids and Pets

A Natural Cleaning Company products in a natural setting

All Natural and Green

A Natural Cleaning Company recognizes that each client is unique. We specialize the cleaning chemistry to each client preferences and favored scent. As individuals we enjoy specific scents that bring us joy, happiness and serenity. A Natural Cleaning Company gets to know each client and their needs to perform the best quality natural cleaning. When you come home, the house is naturally clean and the aroma is specialized to you.

Choose Your Homemade Household Scent!

 A Natural Cleaning Company utilizes a favorite of different essentials oils to cleanse your home. After researching essential oil properties, we utilize the essential oils that are effective cleansers and natural antiseptics.

The design for the use of essential oils are two fold. They are an effective cleaning alternative to harsh cleaning chemistry and the scents move through the home providing a soft, subtle scent of freshly cleaned.

Woodland Blend

is a subtle, slightly woody scent. The blend features oils such as Cedar, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Ylang Ylang

Citrus Blend

is a boutique of citrus oils. The blend highlights such oils as Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Lemongrass

Spa Blend

is primiarily used in the bath. This mint blend showcases such oils as Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint and Lemongrass