Natural House Cleaning

Using Natural Chemistry – The chemistry we use reduces health and environmental concerns, including eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or more serious issues.

Improving Air Quality – To help improve the air quality in the home, we utilize vacuums with HEPA filtration.

Helping You Through All Stages of Living In Your Home

  • Move In – During the excitement and stress of purchasing  a residence, walk into a spotless naturally clean home with your preferred scent
  • Move Out – Eliminate one less worry during moving and allow A Natural Cleaning Company to remove this arduous task.
  • Staging – Selling a home is a stressful time, let A Natural Cleaning Company maintain a natural clean home for your potential buyers to see
  • Maintaining – Maintaining a clean home is a laborious and takes time you may want to spend elsewhere.  A Natural Cleaning Company will come in and help you maintain a naturally clean home
  • After Parties – Hosting a party can be enjoyable and exhausting. After the party has ended do you want some help cleaning up and organizing? Wake up to a clean home, call A Natural Cleaning Company


Reducing the opportunity for Cross Contamination

We have implemented a color coded system to reduce the opportunity for cross contamination between areas of your home.

Operational Standard – Color Coding

  • Red: Restrooms
  • Blue: Kitchen, Eating Areas and Break room
  • White: Floors, Baseboards
  • Yellow: Ceilings, Walls, Windows, Sills, Doors, Door Frames and Flat surfaces (not in the kitchen or bathroom).
  • Black: Receptacle (Trash Can) Cleaning Only!



Natural Cleaning Resources

National Institute of Safety:

Environmental Protection Agency: