About Us

Our Mission

A Natural Cleaning Company will help maintain a clean residence and/or commercial site naturally. We deliver a natural, safe, specialized, thorough cleaning using basic chemistry that is extracted from the ecosystem. We create effective natural cleaners based on up to date research ensuring that its utilization is safe, nontoxic to your family, friends, pets and environment.

Client Individuality

A Natural Cleaning Company recognizes that each client is unique. We try our best to specialize the cleaning chemistry to each client preferences and favored scent. As individuals we enjoy specific scents that bring us joy, happiness and serenity. A Natural Cleaning Company gets to know each client and their needs to perform the best quality natural cleaning. When you come home, the house is naturally clean and the aroma is specialized to you.

Client Satisfaction

It is important that each client is satisfied with the cleanliness of their home. If there are areas of concern, please contact A Natural Cleaning Company and we will correct the concern with no cost to the client.


A Natural Cleaning Company values the trust given to us to come into your home and clean. In an effort to uphold that trust given, we perform drug testing and background checks as a pre-employment requirement.

Katie Wilcox - Owner

A Natural Cleaning Company was created to supply Homeowners and Businesses with a safe, natural, specialized clean. Throughout my career in food and beverage working for large corporations, I have had the opportunity to learn best cleaning practices from the leading sanitation companies. I have taken the practices and applied them to my home, using natural basic chemistry. Many cleaning products can present health and environmental concerns, including eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or more serious issues. My family is paramount and using safe effective cleaners is priority . Taking what I have learned while nurturing a natural living , I want to share my experiences, knowledge and give clients the same cleaning basics.

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